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40V Max High Output


The Ultimate Power Solution for Your XGT Tools

Experience the difference in every task as these high-output batteries drive your tools to new heights,
effortlessly handling heavy load applications. Designed for high demand applications these batteries
supply a higher output power enabling XGT tools to continuously perform heavy duty applications.

4.0Ah BL4040F

5.0Ah BL4050F

8.0Ah BL4080F

Innovative Tabless


For Maximum Efficiency

Exclusively available on the BL4040F these next-generation cells are designed with cutting-edge technology. Tabless lithium-ion cells remove the bottleneck allowing for a much more efficient method of power delivery.

Tabless cells avoid current concentration by connecting the entire end of the electrode to the end of the cell instead of the tabs. This improves battery efficiency, thermal management and overall battery performance. Elevate your workday with the high-output 40V Max 4.0Ah battery – where power, durability, and innovation meet to redefine excellence in tool performance.

*Vs BL4040