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LXT World's Largest Range
Power Without Limits
High power

High Power

A combination of Makita built brushless motors and innovative tool design have created a high powered 40V Max XGT Li-Ion battery platform with more power than ever before. XGT products are designed with purpose built brushless motors allowing for longer continuous operation in heavy-duty applications.
Built tough

Built Tough

XGT batteries are built to last, designed with several premium durability features ensuring high protection. A waterproof structure to prevent cell failure, shock absorbing housing and high rigidity rails designed to hold the battery and tools firmly together creating better terminal contact to withstand high powered products.
Built smart

Built Smart

The XGT charger communicates with batteries during charging, providing real-time data to ensure a fast, consistent charge. Dual cooling fans maintain optimal temperature, enabling rapid, efficient charging, even with multiple batteries in succession.
Digital communication

Digital Communication

The XGT tools and batteries feature built-in programming for seamless digital communication, enhancing performance. Batteries communicate with chargers for optimal charging and also with tools, optimising power for up to 2x longer sustained performance during demanding applications. Microchips in tools and batteries enable real-time monitoring, ensuring excellent performance.