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LXT World's Largest Range
Compact Extreme Technology
Compact & lightweight

Compact & Lightweight

12V Max CXT is our leading compact and lightweight solution that has been engineered with a focus on comfort and capacity. The CXT platform is a versatile platform for users seeking a powerful compact solution.
Protection technology

Protection Technology

The battery technology built into CXT tools and batteries ensure protection from overload, over-discharge, and overheating. This provides optimum performance while prolonging the lifespan of tools and batteries.
Forced air cooling system

Forced Air Cooling System

The DC10SB and DC18RE battery chargers come standard with a forced air cooling system to actively control core battery temperature. This improves battery charging efficiency.


The slide style lithium-ion batteries on CXT Tools provide superior ergonomics and comfort. This allows the tools to be more easily controlled while reducing fatigue and improving efficiency.